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Make Your Building Tell Stories !

Transparent LED Display

75% Transparent Rate;

Save time and cost;

Ultra Thin & Ultra Lightweight, about 6kg/sqm;

HD Display, 1080P;

High Contrast;

Lower energy consumption

Pixel Density (dots/sqm)32768 dots18432 dots9216 dots
Pixel Height (mm)Level: 3.92 / Vertical: 7.84Level:5.2 / Vertical:10.4Level:10.4 / Vertical:10.4
LED ConfigurationSMD 1921 LED RGB in 1SMD 1921 LED RGB in 1SMD 2727 LED RGB in 1
Best. Viewing Distance:4m~80m5m~100m8m~100m
Transparency rate75%65%65%
Panel Weight (kg/sqm)5.5 kg5.5 kg5.2 kg
Max power consumption800 W650W400W
Ave. Power Consumption260W200W120W
Brightness800nits / 4500nits2000nits1800nits
Refresh rate1920Hz / 3840Hz1920Hz1920Hz
Dot Weight(g/pixel)7g7g7g
Dot Power(W/pixel)0.3W0.3W0.3W
Controller+Power Supply Price($/sqm)$$$
Installation Cost$$

Flexible Design

Ultra flexible design make it can be curved freely to achieve creative shapes like arch, circle, wave, Fully Customizable Media Facade, No limit for the mesh screen size. Any size is possible!

Sometimes, we need the tailor-made mesh solution to meet the architects’ design or fit for the special shape.can cover any size facade perfectly by adjusting pixel pitch freely. It can get the best solution to match the circumstances instantly!

Extremely Flexible LED Mesh, saves space and cost;
In a word, the flexibility feature makes it very easy to do the preparation job, installation, and maintenance.


The Flexible LED Mesh Screen is rollable. Even 10 meters of length led mesh can be rolled into a small pillar. It doesn’t need much space to keep a big size mesh screen.

As a result, it saves much shipping cost and time when you move a big quantity of led video mesh panels from the manufacturer to your country, from the warehouse to the installation site.

High Transparency 70%~96% / High natural light Transmittance

People like to live inside the buildings with high light transmittance. Because sunlight makes peoples healthy and joyful.

Obviously, Mesh Screen’s high transparency mesh will not block natural daylight.

Second Skin

When switched off the mesh, the original building facade remains visible.

The mesh screen doesn’t visually influence the building facades, in contrast, its elegance enhances the appearance. Thanks to its high transparency even up to 95% for some models, the led mesh wall is warmly welcomed by architects, advertisers, and designers.

Black and Clear frame for options

You may need black frame to get a better contrast. On the stage, the black frame will integrated well with the backdrop.

On the building facade, sometimes, the clear frame might be a better option, especially over a glass wall. Choosing a suitable color for your frame is up to the final application.

Fast  Locks

Fast inter-panel locks make it quick and easy to set up and dismantle large-scaled screen, no tools required. In addition, the LED dot string is detachable, which can be taken off directly from the frame with little effort by hand from some certain angle

Easy + Minimum maintenance Costs

The led mesh has two parts including pixel strings and the holding frame. Only the led pixels has chance to be broken. for a giant screen in the upper air, even with the best quality, you need to concern about how to maintain.

Every individual LED pixel dot is changeable, no need to take out a whole string or dismantle any frame structure.The process could be done even when the mesh is working. You could get the result instantly without any delay, and there is no repeat painful job, like climbing up and down to turn on/off the power.

After-sale repair has the lowest cost.

Quick Installation

LED mesh screen with Quick hanging up by using the following two pieces of connector.

It’s known that time means money, especially when going to build more than a thousand square meters led facade screen.
No complex frame structure required
The mesh screen is supplied in rolls, completely preassembled and ready-to-go for installation.

And there is no complex frame required on the building facade to fix the huge mesh.

Ultra Lightweight & Slim Mesh

The flexible led mesh is ultra-lightweight and extremely-slim, around 15mm. The final weight depends on the LED resolution. For example, it is 3.5 kg/sqm for P50mm, and but only 2kg/sqm for P100mm.

Waterproof  Connectors

Head and tail of the panel, with waterproof connectors.

Day and Night viewing capability, Automatic brightness Adjustment

Outdoor Media Mesh facade can be viewable both in day and night.

When visible in extremely bright conditions, for example, facing direct sunlight, we choose the led mesh display with very high light intensity up to 2,500 Nits.

But when it’s getting dark, during dusk and night-time, you’d better lower brightness to prevent light pollution. For example, it has a bad influence on drivers’ eyes. So if only watch the led mesh display during night-time, a low brightness version led mesh is the best option. And it will be cheaper!

-Adjust the brightness Automatically

Thanks to the light sensor system, our media mesh can adjust its brightness automatically according to ambient lighting conditions.

Adopt High-grade LEDs, Gold-Wire SMD 5050 RGB LED

LED Mesh Screen adopted Broken-point Continuingly-transferring technology

In short, any middle pixel is broken, the left dots keep work well.

With this design, any dead pixel on the large-format led mesh screen will be not so obvious. Thus it leaves you time to maintain the mesh later, and save you the cost if you did maintenance for several dead pixels at one scheduled time

Durable and Sustainable – IP67 Design & UV proof

-Frost or Extreme weather resistance
The electronics and power supplies have a wide range of working temperatures between -30 °C ~ +60 °C.

And the plastic materials meet V0 high grade fire-proof and are durable in harsh environments.

Lower energy consumption
The flexible led mesh, of course, has much lower energy consumption than conventional billboards for the same area because it has a lower resolution.


Video Controller with SD Card
Rainproof Power Supply
Waterproof Cable

Hanging Beam

Wiring Diagram

How to install the Flexible LED Mesh Screen Video


Future Trends in Flexible Mesh Screens

A successful large outdoor led display can quickly make this building unique and make it a landmark of the city.

It is a very important multimedia platform in the urban core area where there are many buildings. It can play advertisements, render night scenes, and transmit information.

With the acceleration of urban landscape construction, tourist attraction construction and cultural and creative construction, Led mesh screen has become more and more part of urban construction. Compared with the lighting strips, the mesh screen has various colors and can display text, pictures and videos. In addition, the mesh screen can bring long-term advertising revenue for the media company. Compared with normal led screens, led mesh screens have overwhelming advantages in installation, maintenance, transparency and plasticity. Led mesh screens are light in weight, quick to install, require small steel structure, and are more suitable for large outdoor glass walls. The mesh screen is soft and lightweight, making it ideal for large stage events, creative designs and technological aesthetics. In addition, the mesh screen has high transparency, which is more suitable for advertising and color effect display of glass wall. Therefore, Led mesh screens are increasingly used in international stage, such as the Olympics, Winter Olympics and World Cup.

What are the Mesh Screen Applications?

Stage: Mesh screen can be constructed according to the stage shape. The mesh screen is transparent, light and thin, which produces a strong perspective effect, which makes the whole show cool.

Science and Technology Museum: Science and Technology Museum is an important scene for disseminating scientific knowledge. Mesh screen can be customized for special shapes. As a high-tech effect display, people can perceive the mystery of technology through mesh screen.

Glass curtain wall: The characteristics of the mesh screen do not need too much steel structure, so the degree of influence on the surface of the glass curtain wall is reduced, and the installation cost is reduced, which is the best choice for the large display screen of the glass curtain wall.

What is the difference between LED transparent screen, mesh screen and Traditional LED Display?

Since Traditional led display do not meet these special applications, LED transparent screens and mesh screens have emerged. Based on its many special advantages and the video effects that conventional screens can’t bring, LED transparent screens and mesh screens are increasingly sought after by customers. LED transparent screen and mesh screen have good transparency, which is the fundamental factor of different applications, and also the original intention and design concept of the designer. In addition, the LED transparent screen and mesh screen have unique structural design, which is lighter, thinner and more artistic and artistic.

Traditional led display is only suitable for small size screen on concrete wall.
What if the screen exceeds 1000 square meters? For example, how about 2000 square meters?

For a screen of more than 1,000 square meters, the traditional display is obviously not a good choice.
First of all, the traditional display is too heavy! ! !
Assuming a 2000 square screen, the weight of the traditional display is about 65KG/sqm, the total weight of the screen will be 652000=130 tons; plus the steel structure is calculated at 55KG/sqm, the total weight of the steel structure is 55 2000=110 tons. In this way, the total weight is 130+110=240 tons. This is a very heavy weight! ! !

Hence, it is necessary to ensure that it is within the load-bearing range of the wall, and installation is very troublesome. Even so, the installation cost of traditional large screens is very high.
The traditional display screen blocks the light and damage the original design!
In addition, if the facade is a glass wall, the glass wall enables the building itself to have better natural lighting and good sight.

However, the traditional display screen will block the line of sight and require a huge supporting structure which will destroy the original design and structure of the building.

So it is not appropriate for the traditional display screen to be installed on the glass facade.

For large outdoor led display(>1000sqm) installed on glass facade, flexible mesh transparent screens are the best choice.

Flexible mesh screenTraditional led display
Screen frame materialPCAluminum / Steel
Weight for screen<10kg/sqm25~65kg/sqm
Transparency rate>70%<20%
Pixel pitchP31~P150mmP5~P25
Installation frameVery simpleHeavy
Brightness<6000 nits>6000 nits
Heat dissipation wayNatural coolingAluminum / Air Conditioner
How to install flexible led mesh screen on different building facades?

Due to its high transparency, extremely lightweight and ultra-slim, led mesh screen has been widely used as a large-format media facade on tall buildings.

How to install a big led facade on the building is the main concern for the designers, architects, and building owners.

Here we introduce the installatio details for different type building facades.

Glass Facade

Today more and more architecture uses transparent glass for building facade. Its transparency and translucency provide both functional and aesthetic benefits.

Glass can make a building look different, allow sunlight to enter into a building, and be strong enough to withstand even the harshest weather.

If you want to build a large media screen on the glass facade, the led mesh screen is the first choice as it doesn’t influence the transparency and doesn’t require complex construction on the facade.

Situation 1: LED mesh screen on the outside glass facade

When we installing the mesh screen on the outside of glass facade, you will see a continuous image, no break lines.

mesh screen project

1, Making lightweight support frame on the glass facade

We design and install the frame according to the specific environment of the glass facade.

Not like the concrete wall, the fixing points on the glass facade is not everywhere.

Though it is very simple structure, we should make it very strong.

2, Fixing the mesh screen on the frame

Then, we tie the mesh to the frame by its own steel wire ropes.

The slave controllers, which are built-in power drivers, can be hung or put on the frame as well.

3, Leave space for glass cleaning

The glass facade will be cleaned in some time.

So when installing the mesh on the outside of the glass, it is better to leave some space for glass cleaning. The slim mesh screen can easily get enough space.

Situation 2: LED mesh screen inside glass facade

If you can use part of the existing structure as the support frame, installing the led mesh inside the building is another choice.

led mesh display

1, No structure outside

All the fixings are behind the glass inside the building. There is no frame outside.

The facade’s appearance is clean when looking from outside. Meanwhile, the installation inside the building becomes easier and saves the installation time and cost.

2, Black lines on the media wall

Because the junctions of the glass windows will block the lights.

There are black lines on the media screen wall.

When the large format led mesh plays low-resolution videos and simple color patterns, the black lines are not obtrusive.

It is acceptable if you don’t have strict requirements for the visual performance .

mesh screen application

3, Fixing the led mesh screen on the exisiting frame

Tie the mesh screen to the existing frame by its own steel wire ropes.

Steel ropes have been integrated into the mesh screen already.

Place the slave-controllers that are built-in power supplies in a nearby location inside the building.

Concrete wall

As the concrete wall is solid and non-transparent, the media mesh must install on outside of the wall.


1, Fixing the simple frame on the wall

Thanks to its lightweight and slim features, the support frame structure can be very simple.

On the facade of concrete wall, you can easily find positions to fix the frame.

One thing that needs to pay attention to is that the frame should not obstruct the window opening.

2, Every 3 or 4 meters long have the frame

The mesh screen has a big pixel pitch. And the data and power feeding for the led mesh panel can be a long distance.

So every single led panel can be made very long, taking P100mm mesh screen for example, the maximum panel is 12.8 meters length.

To keep this long and slim mesh screen very straight and make it able to withstand the winds, we suggest fixing the beam structure every 3 or 4 meters height.


Above we mentioned some general situations, but every building and its facade structure are different.

We’d like to provide you one package service, which includes designing the media facade, choosing the right pitch flex mesh screen, guiding you how to install the mesh screen, drawing the frame structure according to your specific building façade structure.