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Which Parts of the Home Are Suitable for Installing LED Strips?

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1. The LED strip lighting is used in the bedroom

The lighting design is like putting makeup on the interior, which not only makes the space look elegant and light, but also highlights the level of the space. The warm-colored LED strip light design will make the bedroom more warm. Installing LED strips by the bedside in the bedroom can not only beautify the bedroom, but also act as a night light.

2. LED strip lights are used in the living room

The LED strip lights are surrounded by the curve of the ceiling, and the translucent light is refracted and the open space will make the whole living room more bright. Installing LED strip lights in the grooves of the TV background wall can enhance the three-dimensional sense of space, and even simple lines can show a different dynamic beauty.

3. LED strip lights are used in bathrooms

Installing LED light strips around the walls of the bathroom is a very trendy approach, which is simple and beautiful, and it is easier to highlight the personality and style. The LED strip lights around the bathroom mirror can not only create an atmosphere, but also provide basic lighting needs. Hide the LED strip lights on the top or around the bathroom mirror, and the lights will be projected out without worrying about backlight and polarized light.

4. LED strip lights are used in the kitchen

Although there are also headlights installed on the top of the kitchen, cooking at night will be blocked by shadows, and it is very inconvenient to chop and cook vegetables. Installing LED strip lights under the wall cabinets as cabinet lights can save these troubles and increase the warmth of cooking.

5. LED strip lights are used in the cabinets & laminates

The LED strip light is installed inside the cabinet to increase the light source, and the ingenious combination with the shelf can weaken the closed feeling of the space and fully render the exquisite and fashionable indoor atmosphere.

It is installed at the bottom of the cabinet, and the LED strip lights are lit by the diffusely scattered light from the floor. When working and studying in the study room at night, turning on the LED light strips of the desk lamp and the bookcase can play a very good lighting effect.

6. LED strip lights are used at the stairs

The layout of the LED strip lights at the stairs is very clever, or the ground below the steps is hollowed out in a narrow and long shape, and the LED strip lights are placed in it to meet the lighting needs of the entire staircase.

The LED strip light installed under the stair handrail effectively solves the lighting problem of the stairwell in the dark. It makes the bright space brighter and has the magic of guiding vision.

7. LED strip lights are used in aisles

The installation of LED strip lights in the aisle has changed the original monotonous white wall, which can present a sense of depth of the space. The lighting function of the LED strip light itself is also very practical, and it can light up small areas without taking up space.

Of course, the above installation range is for reference only, and the specific installation situation should also be carried out according to the actual situation of the house. It does not mean that the more light strips are installed, the better, but to achieve the desired effect.

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