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Addressable (Magic Color)LED Strip Light
Addressable (Magic Color)LED Strip Light
Addressable (Magic Color)LED Strip Light
Addressable (Magic Color)LED Strip Light
Addressable (Magic Color)LED Strip Light
Addressable (Magic Color)LED Strip Light
Addressable (Magic Color)LED Strip Light
Addressable (Magic Color)LED Strip Light

Addressable (Magic Color) Strip Light

  • LED Qty:60 pcs 5050 SMD LED
  • IPIP20 /54/ /65/ 66/ 67/ 68
  • CRI>80 / >90
  • ColorR / G / B / Y/ W / WW
  • Voltage:DC 5V/12V / 24V
  • Certificate:CE, RoHS
  • Power:9.6W / meter
  • Warranty:36 months
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1. What is Addressable( Magic Color) Strip?

Individual addressable led strip is also called digital led strip, pixel led strip, programmable led strip, chasing led strip, magic led strip, or dream color led strip, is a led strip with control ICs that allow you to control individual LEDs or groups of LEDs. You can control a specific part of the led strip, which is why it is called ‘addressable’.

Popular addressable LED strips such as WS2811, WS2812, WS2812B, WS2813, WS2815B, WS2818, SK6812, APA102, UCS1903, etc.

What kind of Address Strip can you offer?

WS 2811:Externel IC, 1 IC control 3 LEDs, 12V

WS 2812 Built In IC, 1 IC control 1 LEDs, 5V

WS 2813 Built In IC, 1 IC control 1 LEDs, 5V

WS2812 Update, Dual Single Wire Version

WS 2815 Built In IC, 1 IC control 1 LEDs, 12V

Dual Single Wire Version

SK6812 Built In IC, 1 IC control 1 LEDs, 5V


APA102(SK9822) Built In IC, 1 IC control 1 LEDs, 5V

With SLK Function, Suitable for Large Pixel Project.

when a refresh rate of 30 frames / sec, the number of cascades of not less than 1024 points.

Addressable LED strip VS Analog LED strip

Analog strips allow you to have one color for the whole LED strip at a time. You can change the color anytime you want for the whole strip, but can’t change it for a section of diodes.
Addressable strips allow you to have different colors for every cut of LEDs, creating various colors in different sections of one LED strip.

One pixel damaged will not affect the other LEDs working.

Dual signal wires version, signal can jump to transfer.
The original electronic devices integratedb in a 5050 lamp,it does not cause virtual welding in the installation process.
Serial cascade interface, dual-line signal transmission, to achieve the functions of HTTP, which under a single pixel without causing damage to its lower pixel normal lighting, silk ho does not affect the overall results.

How Does the Factory Manufacture SMD LED Strip Light

How to cut and solder non-waterproof led strip

How to cut and solder silicone tube waterproof LED strip

Applications of COB LED strips
The COB flexible LED strip that we manufacture is highly versatile and can be used in various different industries.
Architectural lighting
Furniture & wine cabinet lighting
Holtel renovation lighting
KTV & KTV bar lighting
Parking lighting
Shopping mall lighting

Basic Parameter

IP Rate:IP20
PCB Width:663628840
LED Qty:111
Beam Angle:
PCB Color493750809
Cutting Length250320320
Working Temperature-20°C – 40°C
Warranty:3 Years

Specification Download:

  • COB Strip Light Specification Download

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    How to distinguish the lighting mode by product code?


    ①    ②     ③    ④  ⑤    ⑥

    ①  Shape ModeL&FPC Width: S=SMD, C=COB, N=Neon, 08=8mm width

    ②  Working Voltage

    ③  LED Type

    ④  LED Qty

    ⑤  Color

    ⑥ IP Grade

    Can the SMD Led Strip Be Cut?

    Yes, you can cut the strips with a regular household scissor at any of the marked cut lines. These lines are designated on the strip by the copper soldering point or an image of a scissor on PCB.

    Can SMD Led Strip Be Waterproof?

    Yes, The SMD Led Strip can be waterproof. Normally it can do Extruded Silicon waterproof and Put in tube waterproof which same as below pictures. For Extruded silicon it can be make 50M even 100M per reels. For put in tube type we suggest 5M per reel.

    We can make SMD led strip lights waterproof to IP52(silicone coating), IP65(silicone tube), IP65H(heat shrink tube), IP67(silicone filling), IP67E(silicone extrusion), IP68(PU encased).
    We can also meet your other IP-rated customization needs.

    What Are the Color Temperatures of SMD Led Strip?

    Conventional Color Temperatures are: 2700/3000/4000 / 6000k. and single color Red, Yellow, Green, Blue.

    If You Need Other Colors Please Contact Use.

    Do SMD LED Strips need a LED aluminum profile for heat dissipations?

    Yes, it will help the SMD light strip to dissipate heat better and prolong the life of the SMD light strip.

    What’s your PCB color?

    We mostly do white color PCB right now. But yellow and black color PCB are also available if you need.

    What’s the width of your PCB?

    3528/2835: 5mm, 8mm, 10mm, 15mm

    335/3014: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm

    5050: 10mm, 12mm, 15mm

    5630: 10mm, 12mm

    What specific adhesive is used on your LED strips?

    Non-waterproof IP20 and waterproof IP65 use the 3M 300LSE adhesive tape. Outdoor waterproof IP68 uses the 3M 5952VHB adhesive tape. We also offer conductive adhesive tape for different applications.

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