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Dots COB LED Strip LightDots COB LED Strip Light
Dots COB LED Strip LightDots COB LED Strip Light
Dots COB LED Strip LightDots COB LED Strip Light
Dots COB LED Strip LightDots COB LED Strip Light
RGB dot led strip lightDots COB LED Strip Light
dots cob led strip lightDots COB LED Strip Light
Dot COB LED Strip LightDots COB LED Strip Light
RGB Dots COB lightDots COB LED Strip Light
Dots COB LED Strip LightsDots COB LED Strip Light

Dots COB LED Strip Light

Single Color, RGB Dot COB LED Strip Light
  • LED Qty:160 pcs Dots COB LED
  • Price:$2
  • IPIP20 / IP52 / IP65 / IP67/ IP68
  • CRI>80
  • ColorR / G / B / Y/ W / WW
  • Voltage:DC 5V/12V
  • Certificate:CE, RoHS
  • Power:10W / meter
  • Warranty:36 months
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What is COB?

COB stands for Chip on Board in the LED field, which basically means that the LED chip is packaged directly on the circuit board (PCB). “Chip on Board” LEDs for flexible cob led strip lights are sometimes referred to as flip-chips.
Flip chip LEDs are basically a bare-bones approach to LED construction. Take a look at an ordinary SMD (Surface Mount Device) LED. It has a Lamp bead holder that package the LED chip and then covers it with a phosphor coating. The ‘flip chip’ that makes up the COB LED strip removes everything from its design, except for the LED chip, yellow phosphor cover layer, and connection pads.

What is COB LED Strip?

COB means Chips on Board, which means that the chips are directly encapsulated on the flexible PCB board, and the COB led strip is a strip of chips encapsulated on a flexible board. The chips are mostly flip-chips, which are linearly fixed on the PCB board, and then a layer of encapsulation glue mixed with phosphor is directly dropped on the surface of the chip. The light emitted from the chip is refracted, reflected, and interacts with the phosphor, and the glue emits different colors and color temperatures of light evenly.

How Does the Factory Manufacture COB Strip Light

Cutting & Soldering COB LED Strip Lights

Solder-Free COB LED Strip Lights Connectors

Applications of COB LED strips
The COB flexible LED strip that we manufacture is highly versatile and can be used in various different industries.
Architectural lighting
Furniture & wine cabinet lighting
Holtel renovation lighting
KTV & KTV bar lighting
Parking lighting
Shopping mall lighting

Basic Parameter

IP Rate:IP20
PCB Width:663628840
LED Qty:111
Beam Angle:
PCB Color493750809
Cutting Length250320320
Working Temperature-20°C – 40°C
Warranty:3 Years

Specification Download!

  • COB Strip Light Specification Download

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    Features & Benefits of COB LED Strip?

    Uniform, No light spot, even without aluminum profile

    More flexibility

    Wide emitting angle, 180 degrees

    More stable, fewer problems

    Long life span, more than 50000 hours

    Can the COB Led Strip Be Cut?

    COB Light Strips Can Be Cut: COB Light Strips Currently Do 378Pcs Per Meter and 504Pcs Per Meter. 378Pcs Can Be Cut at Every 55.5mm Per Meter; 504Pcs Can Be Cut at Every 41.67mm Per Meter

    Can COB Led Strip Be Waterproof?

    Yes, The COB Led Strip can be waterproof. Normally it can do Extruded Silicon waterproof and Put in tube waterproof which same as below pictures. For Extruded silicon it can be make 50M even 100M per reels. For put in tube type we suggest 5M per reel.

    We can make COB led strip lights waterproof to IP52(silicone coating), IP65(silicone tube), IP65H(heat shrink tube), IP67(silicone filling), IP67E(silicone extrusion), IP68(PU encased).
    We can also meet your other IP-rated customization needs.

    What Are the Color Temperatures of COB Led Strip?

    Conventional Color Temperatures are: 2700/3000/4000 / 6000k. and single color Red, Yellow, Green, Blue.

    If You Need Other Colors Please Contact Use.

    Do COB LED Strips need a LED aluminum profile for heat dissipations?

    Yes, it will help the COB light strip to dissipate heat better and prolong the life of the COB light strip.

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