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Why should we use Flexible led screens for Media Facade?

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Have you used the Flexible LED Screen before?

As we know, there are many LED Display manufacturers that can be produced as flexible led screens around the world. Zhongjie Opto Tech is one of the flexible led curtain screens suppliers in China. Our flexible led Mesh screens have 2 kinds of different designs. One is making a One SMD 5050 RGB in One LED, Another is making 1 / 2/ 3/ 4/ 6 pcs 3535 RGB in One LED,.All kinds can indoor and outdoor fixed applications. Flex Mesh Screen is a larger pixel pitch more than 30mm. Such as 31,25mm /35mm/40mm/55mm/70mm /80mm /100mm,150mm ,etc. Actually, some people called” transparent led screens on this item.

Transparent led screens innovations supplies install and offer support and maintenance for Creative LED screens for a variety of applications. A selection of Pixel Pitches and brightness options are available from only 31mm upwards depending upon the viewing distance and we will advise on the most appropriate pitch for your application.


  • Experienced design and installation team
  • LED screens for Indoor or Outdoor use, more suitable for Outdoor
  • Selection of LED pixel pitches available from 31mm
  • Day/ night auto-adjust brightness available
  • The media player is supplied according to client control requirements
  • Ability to produce digital video walls of any size or configuration

Flexible Curtain Led Display is a flexible led display design, Ultra-flexible design makes it freely curved to achieve creative shapes such as arch, circle, wave and customized size available. Flexible Curtain Led Screen with a 70% transparency rate is the right choice for creating a perfect visual effect.

Fast inter-panel locks make it easy to install and remove large-scale displays, no tools required. A fast connection is made with LED Flexible Curtain Led Screen by using two binders at the bottom. Flexible Curtain Led Display can be used to reveal various creative ideas with transparent led screens .all waterproof panels are used on the screen.

More information about LED Mesh Screen


  • The Pixel pitch can be customized, such as 30mm;37mm;56.25mm;75mm;100mm; 150mm.
  • One LEDs; Two LEDs; four LEDs; Six LEDs; Eight LEDs in one pixel. It depends on your requirements.
  • 80% transparency rate, easy for install and discount
  • Light-weight, individually removable and replaceable.
  • Extremely suitable for the nightclub, building facade media, and large-scale entertainment venues.

Below attached the detail photos on Flexible led screens

Both singles LED strips and LED pixels can be taken out for repair or replacement, which makes service much more convenient.

Our company has finished the 2019 expo international exhibition in Beijing, China. there is a total of 90 panels on this expo project. (18 panels ( W) X 5 panels ( H), Also have 10m diameter round screen by P37mm flexible led screen made.

Onsite installation :

Its’ belong to creative innovation design with 10 persons are installing this whole project.

We spent 4 hours to install and On-site debugging. we have a professional technical team and support within 24 hours.

After installation and lighting up:

led mesh screen project

At present, there are more than 10 companies copy with our flexible led displays with similar design and lower price.  but 87% customers prefer working with Zhongjie Opto Tech. Why?

Below share our advantages:

(1) We accept customized led displays as different shapes depending on the customer’s requirements.

(2) We produce our products with the strict QC of Zhongjie staff and our material suppliers.

(3) We support OEM or ODM depend on the client’s demands.

(4) We help our clients provide installation and spot technical support via remote

(5)We provide customers from 1% to 100%, which are from solutions, not only product solutions but also support stage lighting designs and installation designs.

They have a media facade project with a total of 756 square meters and install outside with 1000nits per square meter.

After 5 days has gone, they have installed it successfully on 20th, October 2019. Just only 5 days to install the whole 756 square meter led screens. We expected that they can install it within one week.

flex led mesh screen

Total 34 panels P150mm transparent led screens installed on the outdoor glass facade.

Our flexible LED Grid Screen with features of high transparency, flexibility, lightweight; easy to curved to match with irregularly shaped building facade, suitable for various installation, such as bend, fold, winding, etc. With high artistry and creativity that easy to assemble into various shapes, widely used for building the facade, shopping mall, wedding decoration, and rental events. High transparency maximizes the natural light get inside of the building, LED mesh screen also ensuring the screen has great ventilation and wind-resistance function.

In a word, flexible led screen is very suitable for your project. we can provide a 3-5 year warranty.  Anyway, we have the capacity to help your project making colorful and wonderful.

Are you ready for purchasing flexible led screens?  please contact us anytime.

We will send you any project solutions within 1 hour. We’re always waiting for you here.


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