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Top View IP67 LED Neon Light
Top View IP67 LED Neon Light
Top View IP67 LED Neon Light
Top View LED Neon Strip LightTop View IP67 LED Neon Light
Top View LED Neon Strip LightTop View IP67 LED Neon Light
Top View LED Neon Strip LightTop View IP67 LED Neon Light
top view flexible neon lightTop View IP67 LED Neon Light

Top View (Vertical Bending) IP67 Neon Light

  • LED Qty:Non Strip
  • Price:$2
  • IPIP65 / IP67/ IP68
  • CRI>80
  • ColorR / G / B / Y/ W / WW
  • Voltage:DC 12V/24V, AC 110V/220V
  • Certificate:CE, RoHS
  • Power:10W / meter
  • Warranty:36 months
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What is Top View LED Neon Flex Strip?

Neon flex strip contains silicone neon and PU neon. Silicone neon is IP67, used indoor or outdoor. PU neon is IP68, used underwater.
Silicone Neon is made by adopting three-color silicone integrated extrusion shaping process, and its protection grade reaches up to IP67, featuring resistances to saline solutions, acid & alkali, corrosive gases, fire, and UV, applying to indoor and outdoor molding decoration, building outlines, city night scenes illuminating, and so forth for the sake of the effect of decorative lighting.
PU Neon is made by TPU U shape milky tube and filling with opal PU glue. Its protection grade reaches up to IP68, UV resistant, and saltwater resistant, used for underwater decorative lighting.

What is Flexible Neon Light Advantage?


The light source is made of LEDs, which can last up to 50,000 hours. The flexible silicone/PVC/PU gel is also used,

2. Safe:

The LED neon flex light operates at 12V or 24V.

3. Decorative:

4. Dimmable

5. Easy to Install

6. Bendable, Flexible

7. High brightness

How Does the Factory Manufacture Flex Neon Light

Step 1. Mixing silicone
Step 2. The extrusion process begins with installing rolling LED strips on the payoff frame. These LED strips are adjusted and sequenced using an adjustment table.
Step 3. The LED strip and silicone are then passed through the holes in the pre-assembled die, activating the operating button on the electronic control box, which starts the machine to wrap the silicone onto the LED strip.
Step 4. The machine extrudes the silicone-coated LED strip and passes it through the vulcanizing oven, where the product is gradually vulcanized and shaped. The temperature inside the oven is kept moderate to avoid burning the LED beads. After vulcanization, the led neon is put out by a tractor.

How to Cutting, Soldering and connecting LED Silicone Neon Strip Light

How to cut and connect LED silicone neon light by using solder-free endcap and plugs

Applications of COB LED strips
Signage & Exhibit Lighting;
Building facades;
Cove lighting;
Retail displays;
Architectural lighting;
Marine Lighting;
Automobile Lighting;
Artwork Lighting;
Special Event Lighting;
Home Lighting

Basic Parameter

IP Rate:IP20
PCB Width:663628840
LED Qty:111
Beam Angle:
PCB Color493750809
Cutting Length250320320
Working Temperature-20°C – 40°C
Warranty:3 Years

Specification Download!

  • COB Strip Light Specification Download

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    Can I cut LED Neon Flex? Can I cut LED Neon Flex anywhere?

    No, you can’t. You must cut LED Neon Flex on the cut mark. You can see the cut markings “scissors or black line” through the LED neon tube transparent window. If you cut the LED Neon sign Flex anywhere other than the cut mark, you will damage the PCB, which will cause the segment of american lighting LED Neon Flex to fail.

    Is LED Neon Flex waterproof?

    Yes, LED Neon Flex is IP67 or IP68 waterproof.

    How to install LED Neon Flex Lights?

    Step 1: Measure the length
    Step 2: Find the cut position on the LED Neon Flex
    Step 3: Cut the led LED Neon Flex to size
    Step 4: Attach connectors to LED Neon
    Step 5: Connect the power plug to LED Neon
    Step 6: Use screws to fix the mounting clip or mounting channel to the place you need to install
    Step 7: Press the LED neon light into the mounting clip or mounting channel
    Step 8: Light up the LED Neon to test

    How to connect LED Neon Flex Lights to power supply?

    Step 1: Check the working voltage of LED Neon Flex
    Step 2: Find a compatible power supply and controllers if need
    Step 3: Install the LED Neon Flex on the place your desired
    Step 4: Install the power supply and controllers
    Step 5: Connect the LED Neon Flex to power supply or controllers
    Step 6: Light it up.

    What is the advantages of LED Neon Flex Lights compare with Traditional Neon Lights?

    1. Traditional neon lights are expensive, complex, and inconvenient when using glass tubes, high voltage electricity, and inert gas. LED neon flex lights using LED technology and a new structure, with a PVC, silicone, or PU housing wrapped around the LED light source, using unique optical design technology and a special housing design to increase the intensity and uniformity of the light. The LED neon flex is easy to manufacture and very efficient.
    2. LED neon flex lights are brighter than traditional neon lights.
    3. LED neon flex lights have a longer life span and are more durable. With LED as the light source and PVC/Silicone/PU housing, the life span of LED neon flex is up to 30,000 hours.
    4. LED neon flex lights are more energy-efficient, with a minimum power of less than 5W per meter than traditional glass neon lights, generally more than 20W per meter.
    5. Traditional neon lights use a transformer to raise the voltage from 220V/100V to 15000V to excite the inert gas in the glass tube. One set of glass tube can only emit one color of light. If multiple colors are required, multiple sets of glass tubes are needed. And the traditional neon shape needs to be designed in advance, and the shape cannot be changed after the factory has produced it. LED neon flex lights can be bent and cut at the site, and there are many different colors to choose from white, tunable white, RGB, RGBW, DMX512 Pixel, etc.
    6. LED neon flex lights is safer, as it uses low voltages: 12V, 24V, shockproof, low heat dissipation, and safe to use.
    7. Conventional neon lights can only work at normal room temperature, and the voltage must be raised during use, which is also more expensive and has a short service life. The LED neon flex light uses LED as the light source, a cold light source with low heat dissipation and low power consumption. It is also shockproof and heat resistant.
    8. LED neon flex lights are more friendly to the environment. While traditional neon lights are polluted with heavy metals, LED neon flex lights do not contain heavy metals or other harmful substances.

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