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Large Building Facade Mesh Display,Inspire Architecture.55%~95% Transparency;100~10000 sqm can Easy Install;Freely combined to various special shapes;IP67 Waterproof !
Large Building Facade Mesh Display,
Inspire Architecture.
LED Flexible Mesh Screen2000~10000nits/Sqm;Fexible to Match Building Facede;Quick Installation;Pixel Pitch:31.25 / 40 /50/62 75/100mm;Light Weight & Ultra-thinSee More Details
LED Flexible Mesh Screen
Make Your Building Tell Stories !Can be freely deformed according to the facade of the building, like putting on a gorgeous coat for the building
Make Your Building Tell Stories !

Advantage of Flex Mesh Screen Vs Traditional Display

1, High Transparent Rate, Super Slim, Ultra light weight;

The Transparent rate can reach 55% ~ 95%, which ensures the original lighting and viewing angle requirements of the glass facade and curtain wall, and has good wind resistance effect. The screen is thin (only 15mm) and light weight(only 2 ~ 9kg / sqm)

2, Foldable, Arbitrary bending, Easy installation, Without steel structure

①Flexible & lightweight with variety of shapes, easy to install and maintain. It’s can be freely combined to various special shapes to meet the needs of various creative displays, which can be freely deformed according to the facade of the building, like putting on a gorgeous coat for the building, Inspire Architecture;
The PC Clip strips and pixel light can be taken out separately, which is convenient for quick maintenance of the screen.

②The screen is ultra-light and directly suspended by steel wire without complicated steel structure.

③The front and back of the screen are both IP67 waterproof, with quick butt joints at the head and tail.

3, Cost saving, the price is only 1/5 of the traditional screen

By optimizing the structure, we abandoned the heavy box of the traditional screen, and made targeted improvements in the manufacturing process, lamp bead packaging and control system.

4, Energy Saving & Environmental Protection

The air duct dissipates heat by itself and does not need to be cooled by air conditioning.


Why Choose Us

High Cost Performance Guarantee

We use High Quality, Super Brightness Large Chip, Golden Wire Welded and Copper LED Holder for Quicker Heat Dissipation, Higher Stability, Longer Life Span; High Pure Aluminum.Profile; Anti-Yellowing and Heat Resisting Silicon Glue; Leadless SMT Technique(RoHS Certificated).

97%Products Qualified Rate
100% Quality Control
95%Customer Satisfaction Rate
80%Products Has Passed Certificate
Frequently Asked QuestionsCompany FAQs / Products FAQs / Install FAQs
Company FAQs
  • Q: Where is your company location?
  • A:Our Factory is located Zhongshan Guangdong Province, famous Town of global lamps. The plant area is more than 3000 Sqm.
  • Q: Do you offer guarantee for the products?
  • A: Yes, we offer 3-5 years warranty for our products. LED Mesh Screen at least 50000 hours life span, with 3~5 years all inclusive warranty;
  • Q: What are your main competitive products?
  • A:Flex LED Mesh Screen, Transparent LED Display.
  • Q: What about the lead time?
  • A: 3-7 days for small order, 10-15 working days for bulk order.
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Products FAQs
  • Q: Flexible Mesh Screen Advantages:
  • A: 1, Lower Cost; 2, Transparency; 3, Plasticity; 4, Flexible and Llightweight; 5, Quick to Install.
  • Q: which kind of display screen is generally used for glass building facade?
  • A: Usually, P55~P100mm mesh screen can be selected, and the appearance color of the screen is the same as that of the wall, which is more beautiful.
  • Q: How to Choose the Suitable LED Mesh Screen?
  • A: Usually we recommend the appropriate mesh screen for the customer based on project size, installation height, viewing distance, brightness and project effects.
  • Q: What is P55 mesh screen suitable viewing distance?
  • 20m~120m Best Viewing Distance.
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Install FAQs
  • How to install LED Mesh screen?
  • Hanging installation: the Mesh screen is installed by hooks and hanging beams so that the transparent screens are connected by quick locks or screws. Frame installation: Use composite bolts to directly fix the led transparent display on the keel of the glass curtain wall without any steel structure. Fixed installation: The transparent led screen is directly fixed on the structure through the connecting piece.
  • How to install LED Grid Screen on Glass exterior wall?
  • Q: 1. Make a support frame on the glass curtain wall; 2. Fix the grid screen on the frame; 3. Leave room for glass cleaning.
  • Is this product support DMX512 protocol?
  • Yes.
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